The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

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Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and the remembrance of Imam Husain (a.s.)

In Ziyarat-e-Naahiyah, Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) has remembered Imam Husain (a.s.) in these words:

‘You were to the Messenger (s.a.w.a.) a son, an authority on the Noble Quran and its saviour. You were the pillar and supporter of the nation. You were diligent in obeying your Lord, a protector of the covenant and the oath, kept away from the paths of the sinners; were excessive in your bowing and prostrations. You had turned your face from the enticements of the world like the one who is departing from it, looking upon it with fear.

(Behaar-ul-Anwaar, vol. 101, p. 239)

This is how Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) has articulated ten qualities and specialties of his illustrious grandfather. The truth is that Imam Husain (a.s.) and Imam Mahdi (a.s.) share a special bond. They both share the same objective. Imam Husain (a.s.) desired to safeguard the religion while Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) will enforce the religion in the entire world.

IN-SHA-ALLAH very soon!


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Ghaibat — an era of trepidation for Imam (a.s.)


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In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

We had said that Imam Sajjad (a.s.), while drawing similarities between Imam-e-Asr (a.t.f.s.) and the Prophets (a.s.), had compared his ‘trepidation and occultation’ to that of Prophet Moosa (a.s.).[1]

Ameerul Momeneen (a.s.) while briefing Kumayl says:

اللّٰهُمَّ بلٰى لأَ تَخْلَوَا الأَرْضُ مِنْ قَائِمِ للهِ بِحُجَّةِ اِمّا ظَاَهِراً مَشْهُوْرًا
وَ اِمّا خَائِفًا مَغْمُوْرًا

O My Allah (this is certain) never will this world be devoid of a Divine Proof notwithstanding if he is manifest or recognized or whether he is in a state of fear or angst hidden from the eyes of the people.[2]

In some narrations the word ‘Fear’ (خائف) has been categorically used for Hazrat Baqiyatullah (a.s.). As Imam Sadeq (a.s.) says:

“There will be an occultation before reappearance for Qaem (a.s.).” Zorarah says, ‘I asked Imam: Why?’ Imam replied: “He will be apprehensive of being killed.[3]

One of the reason of Imam’s (a.s.) fear is the apprehension of being killed. This fear isn’t a psychological fear or uneasiness or in negative sense. But instead it is a question of insecurity. It was on the basis of insecurity that Hazrat Moosa (a.s.) had exited Egypt. As Holy Quran says: فَخَرَجَ مِنْهَا خَائِفًا يَتَرَقَّب (Moosa) exited from the city in fear, and awaiting.

The prayer which follows Ziyarat-e-Aale Yaseen, in this too, Imam (a.s.) is referred to as the ‘vigilant and fearful’

(اَلْمُرتَقَبَ الْخَا ئِف).

We are aware that Imame-e-Asr (a.t.f.s.) is from the treasures of Allah and gift of all the glad tidings given by the Prophets and there are lot of responsibilities on him. Like establishing justice and for that it is also necessary that he protects himself. More so, the oppressors and tyrants have narrowed down the living space and hence Imam (a.s.) had to go into seclusion. His father and grand fathers were martyred either by sword or poison and it is for this that Imam Mahdi (a.s.) was compelled to agree and live his life far from the clutches of the oppressors. The cause for this insecurity is due to non-availability of companions and helpers.

There could be other reasons for Imam’s (a.s.) fear. For instance the apprehension of a long extended occultation. Or the fear of delay in his reappearance. Another reason for Imam’s (a.s.) apprehension could be the believers who may become the victims of difficulties and afflictions in the era of occultation and as a consequence find themselves in Iblees’ trap and stray from the straight path of Imamate.

Allah has promised.

وَ لِيُبَدِّ لَنَّهُمْ بَعْدِ خَوْفِهِمْ اَمْنًا

 He will most certainly, after their fear, give them security in exchange.[4]

[1] Al Muhajjatul Al Baizaae, Tradition 4, Page 338

[2] Nahjul Balagah saying 139

[3] Kamaaluddin 2-281 (chapter 44)

[4] Surah Nur (24): 55

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Characteristics of the Titles OF The Imams (a.s.)

In His Name And With The Remebrance of His Last Hujjat (a.t.f.s.)Islamic-Wallpapers-00332-[yasinmedia_com]

The names and titles of our Imams (a.s.) are not conferred by common men but are selected by the Almighty in view of their characteristics. Hence, each name and title bears a special significance. In general, all our Imams (a.s.) are similar in grace and perfection. Each one is Sajjaad (the one who prostrates excessively), Baqir (one who splits open the facets of knowledge), Kazim (one who controls anger) and Reza (satisfied) but each Imam (a.s.) is given the title which becomes prominently  manifest in that particular Imam (a.s.). Imam Mohammad Baqir (a.s.) was called thus because he spread the divine knowledge extensively. He quenched the seekers of knowledge and divine recognition with teachings of the Ahle Bait (a.s.). Thus, he was bestowed the title of Baqir. Imam Musa Kazim (a.s.) exhibited immense patience and control and so was famed as Kazim. It was not that the other Imams (a.s.) were not patient. This is pertinent with all the other titles.

Mahdi is a particular venerable title of the twelfth Imam, Master of the Time (a.s.). Mahdi in Arabic grammar denotes both meanings – Isme Fael (Doer) as well as Isme Maf’ool (object). In other words, Mahdi means “the Guide” (subject) and “the Guided” (object).

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A few distinctive characteristics of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)

بسم الله ارّحمن الرّحيم

Allah the Most High has blessed the Imam of the time Hazrat Wali-e-Asr (a.t.f.s.) with innumerable noble traits and distinctive characteristics. This shows the special position held by Imam (a.t.f.s.) near Allah, the Almighty. It is not even possible to list all of these attributes. We have listed below some of these special characteristics.

1. Light:

During his ascension (Meraj) the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) witnessed the light of the Holy Infallibles (a.s.). Among these, the light of Imam Mahdi (a.s.) was most bright and was the only one in an upright position.

2. Lineage:

The lineage of our Imam (a.s.) is the most noble and honorable. He is the grandson of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), he is of the family of the pure and holy Imams (a.s.). In addition to this, from his mother’s side his lineage extends to the Caesar (Qaiser) of Rome and further to Shamoon al-Safa, who was the successor of Hazrat Isa (a.s.). Consequently his lineage extends to Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) from both of his sons, Hazrat Ishaaq (a.s.) and Hazrat Ismaaeel (a.s.). Thus the supplication of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) reaches fruition through Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.).

3. Imam (a.t.f.s.) visiting the skies:

When Imam (a.t.f.s.) was born, two angels took him up to the Throne and there, Allah The Most High spoke to Imam (a.t.f.s.) thus, ‘Welcome my servant, welcome! You are created for helping My religion and for the manifestation of My Glory. O Mahdi of the servants! I swear that I will accept through you, I will reject through you, and because of you will I forgive.’

4. Baitul Hamd:

Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) has a house called ‘Baitul Hamd’. Inside this house is a lamp, which is alight from the time of his birth and will remain so till his emergence from occultation. Continue reading

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The banner of Prophet Muhammad (s)

In His Name And With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa’eed narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan at-Taymali from al-Hasan and Muhammad, the sons of Ali bin Yousuf, from Sa’dan bin Muslim from Umar bin Abban al-Kalbi that Abban bin Taghlib had said:

“I heard Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (s) saying: “As if I see al-Qa’im on the hill of Kufa wearing a dress of brocade and the armor of the Prophet (s), riding a black horse and holding the banner of the Prophet (s).”

I said: “Has the banner been kept somewhere or it will be brought then?”

He said: “Gabriel will bring it. Its pole is from the poles of the Throne of Allah and the rest of it is from the assistance of Allah. Everything that he swoops on with this banner Allah will make it perish. Nine thousand and three hundred and thirteen angels will come down with the banner.”

I said: “May I die for you! Will all these angels be with him?”

He said: “Yes, they will. It is they, who have been with Prophet Noah (s) in the Ark, with Abraham (s) when he has been thrown into the fire, with Moses (s) when the sea has been cleft to him, with Jesus Christ (s) when he has been raised to the Heaven and four thousand angels, who have been with Prophet Muhammad (s) and three hundred and thirteen angels, who have fought with him in the battle of Badr besides four thousands that have ascended to the Heaven asking permission to fight with al-Husayn (s) but when they have descended they find that al-Husayn (s) has been martyred. They have remained near his tomb weeping for him until the Day of Resurrection. They are waiting for the appearance of al-Qa’im (s).”[1]

[1] Kamil az-Ziyarat p.119, Kamal ad-Deen p.671, al-Odad al-Qawiyya p.74, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.325, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.4 p.16.

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Two thousand years before Prophet Adam (a.s.)…

In His Name And With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a.t.f.s.) on Earth

Salama bin Muhammad narrated from Abul Hasan Ali bin Umar al-Haji from Hamza bin al-Qassim al-Alawi al-Abbasi ar-Razi from Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Hasani from Obayd bin Katheer from Abu Ahmad bin Musa al-Assadi that Dawood bin Katheer ar-Riqqi had said:
I came to Abu Abdullah Ja’far bin Muhammad as-Sadiq (s) in Medina and he said to me: “Why have you not visited us since so long, O Dawood?”
I said: “I had something to do in Kufa.” He said: “Whom did you leave in Kufa?”

I said: “May my soul be sacrificed for you! I have left your uncle Zayd. I left him riding on a horse with his sword and calling loudly: “Ask me before you will miss me. I have great knowledge. I have known the abrogating and abrogated verdicts, the oft-repeated verses and the great Qur’an. Knowledge is between Allah and you.”

He said to me: “O Dawood, things have affected you!”
Then he called: “O Suma’a bin Mihran, bring me a basket of ripe dates!”
He brought him a basket of ripe dates. He took one, ate it, took the kernel out of his mouth and stuck it into the ground. It grew and fruited.

I said: “May my soul be sacrificed for you! I have left your uncle Zayd. I left him riding on a horse with his sword and calling loudly: “Ask me before you will miss me. I have great knowledge. I have known the abrogating and abrogated verdicts, the oft-repeated verses and the great Qur’an. Knowledge is between Allah and you.”

He said to me: “O Dawood, things have affected you!”

Then he called: “O Suma’a picked an unripe date from one of the bunches. He split it and took a piece of parchment out of it. He spread it, gave it to me and said to me: “Read it!”

It had two lines. The first line was (There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). The second line was (Surely the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah’s ordinance since the day when He created the heavens and the earth, of these four being sacred; that is the right religion); Amirul Mo’mineen Ali bin Abu Talib, al-Hasan bin Ali, al-Husayn bin Ali, Ali bin al-Husayn, Muhammad bin Ali, Ja’far bin Muhammad, Musa bin Ja’far, Ali bin Musa, Muhammad bin Ali, Ali bin Muhammad, al-Hasan bin Ali, al-Khalaf al-Hujjah (al-Mahdi).

Then he said: “O Dawood, do you know when this has been written in this piece of parchment?”
I said: “Allah, His messenger and you are more aware!”
He said: “Two thousand years before Allah had created Adam.”

Ref: Al-Ghayba an Nomani page 117

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The general traits of the companions of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)

In His Name And With The Remembrance Of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Imam Jafar Sadiq (a.s.) has mentioned the general traits of the companions of Imam Mahdi  (a.s.):

 Their hearts are stronger than iron .

 They will be having complete faith in Allah.

There is no place for doubts in their hearts .

They shall be tougher than stones. They will uproot the mountain only by turning towards it.

They will conquer every city they enter with their standard.

They are like swift eagles, mounted on fast horses.

They will touch the saddle of Imam’s  (a.t.f.s.)mount to seek blessings.

They will be encircling Imam  (a.t.f.s.) to safeguard him from all calamities and misfortune.

They will fulfill every desire of Imam (a.t.f.s.)with their heart and  soul.

They will not sleep in the nights.

They will buzz like honeybees in their prayers .

They will spend the night in worship and in the morning they will be seen mounted on horses, ready for helping Imam (a.t.f.s.).

They will be devout  worshippers by the night and like the lions in the day.

They will be more submissive and obedient to Imam than a maidservant.

They are like burning lamps and their hearts are like glowing beacons.

They are fearful of Allah and testify to His Unity.

They are hopeful of martyrdom in the Way of Allah

Their slogan will be  “O Avenger of Husain !”

When they march, their awe will preced them by a distance of one month’s journey.

These are the ones who seek Allah’s Pleasure

Allah will help Imam (a.t.f.s.) through them.

Reference: (Beharul   Anwaar , vol . 52, pg. 307-08 ,  tradition  82)

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The Benefits of Praying for Imam-e-Asr (ATFS)

In His Name and With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Praying for Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) comprises of advantages for both this world as well as the hereafter. Here, we shall mention a few of them.

A)Worldly Benefits in praying for Imam-e-Zamana (a.t.f.s.) are as follows:

1)Leads to a long life as it (supplication) is a form of maintaining relations with Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w.a.), for Imam-e-Baqer (a.s.) says, “Maintaining (or patching) relations purifies actions, multiplies wealth, dispels calamities, simplifies accounting and postpones death.”

(Behaarul Anwaar, vol. 52, p. 92, narrating from al-Ehtejaaj of Tabarsi.

2)Repels difficulties and increases sustenance.

3)Leads to the acceptance of other invocations.

4)Is a cause for readying oneself for Imam’s (a.s.) meeting,whether in sleep or awakening.

(2)Ibid., vol. 51, p. 148, narrating from al-Ghaibah of No’mani.

5)Leads to augmentation of bounties. Continue reading

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Occultation of Imame Zaman (a.t.f.s.) and its causes

In His Name And With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Vis-à-vis Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.), occultation bears a peculiar significance. Traditions make it amply clear that the occultation of Imam-e-Zaman (a.t.f.s.) is not an accidental occurrence. The infallibles Imams (a.s.), as also the Messenger of Islam (s.a.w.a.), have mentioned about it.

It is also a fact that occultation is not confined only to Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.). In other words, in the history of divine guidance, Imame Zaman (a.t.f.s.) is not the only one to have gone into occultation lest the people may use it as a pretext to refute his Imamate or to question its benefit.

History of divine guidance is a testimony that when the oppressors, rebels and enemies of Allah made life difficult for divine leaders and were adamant on their assassination, Allah the Almighty has concealed His representatives from these unjust tyrants. These emissaries lived among the people in a way that they went unnoticed and unrecognized, or in some cases, they (the Prophets) distanced themselves from their townships. But when the pleas of the oppressed knocked the doors of the All-Forgiving, All-Merciful, Allah- the Answerer of Prayers, responding to their petitions, manifested His ambassadors for their guidance. The best instance of this is the illustrious existence of Prophet Moosa (a.s.). Continue reading