The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) helps the defender of Shia faith

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In The Name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Allamah Shaikh Hasan Ibn Yusuf Ibn Ali Ibn Mutahhar (r.a.) also known as Allamah Hilli (a.r.) (648-726 A.D) is the most remarkable Shia personality. He had no equal during his period and was the most outstanding writer of the Shias. He has been specially blessed by the Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) with a special favour.

allama_hilli_a-rHe was the student of his father, his uncle Muhaqqiq (a.r.) who was the author of “Sharail Islam”. Khwaja Naseeruddin Tusi (a.r.) was also his teacher. He attained Ijtehad at the age of 11 and taught many students. Once in his childhood he was teaching when a bird fell in front of him. Being a child he immediately took his turban and caught the bird in it.  All the students laughed at this action of his.

Once in his childhood he was chased by his father for some reason. When his father was about to catch him he recited the verse of the Holy Quran on which prostration (sajdah) is obligatory. On hearing the verse his father went into prostration while he did not since he was not baligh. His father again chased him and he did the same thing. His father became very happy at his trick called his son near him and treated him with love and affection.

Allah bestowed such knowledge on him that in childhood itself he became a Mujtahid. He has written more then 70 books. His book ‘Tabseratul Mota’allemeen’ is so famous that 27 or 28 commentaries have been written on it.

Qazi Nurullah Shusatri (a.r.) narrates this incident in his book, “Majalis-al-Momineen” :

A person had written a book against the Shia beliefs and used to quote from it in assemblies and thus managed to mislead quite a few people and created doubts regarding the Imamite faith.

He never lent anyone this book for the fear that it may fall into the hands of the Shias and they may write a rebuttal.

In order to obtain this book, Allama Hilli (a.r.) began to attend the sermons of this man and also introduced himself as his student. After having achieved his confidence he requested him to lend the book for some time.

Since it was difficult for him to refuse Allama Hilli (a.r.) he told him: “I have vowed that I will not give this book to anyone for more than a single night”.

As there was no other way Allama Hilli (a.r.) accepted it. That night he felt very exalted and began copying the book. He wanted to copy as much as possible so that he could refute the arguments of the book. Around midnight when he could not resist the onslaught of sleep, a respectful guest arrived and after the pleasantries he told Allama Hilli (a.r.) to go to sleep and entrust him with the completion of the book.

Allama agreed to it without any questions. When he woke up after some time, he found that the morning had arrived and there was no sign of his guest. Upon searching he found that the book had already been completed by his guest; and at the end of it something was written. When he looked closely, he found that the following words had been added at the end: “Inscribed by the Hujjat.”

(Rawzatul Jannaat, Vo1.2, Pg.282, Jannatul Maawa incident no. 22, Najmus Saquib incident no. 15)



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