The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

The banner of Prophet Muhammad (s)

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In His Name And With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa’eed narrated from Ali bin al-Hasan at-Taymali from al-Hasan and Muhammad, the sons of Ali bin Yousuf, from Sa’dan bin Muslim from Umar bin Abban al-Kalbi that Abban bin Taghlib had said:

“I heard Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq (s) saying: “As if I see al-Qa’im on the hill of Kufa wearing a dress of brocade and the armor of the Prophet (s), riding a black horse and holding the banner of the Prophet (s).”

I said: “Has the banner been kept somewhere or it will be brought then?”

He said: “Gabriel will bring it. Its pole is from the poles of the Throne of Allah and the rest of it is from the assistance of Allah. Everything that he swoops on with this banner Allah will make it perish. Nine thousand and three hundred and thirteen angels will come down with the banner.”

I said: “May I die for you! Will all these angels be with him?”

He said: “Yes, they will. It is they, who have been with Prophet Noah (s) in the Ark, with Abraham (s) when he has been thrown into the fire, with Moses (s) when the sea has been cleft to him, with Jesus Christ (s) when he has been raised to the Heaven and four thousand angels, who have been with Prophet Muhammad (s) and three hundred and thirteen angels, who have fought with him in the battle of Badr besides four thousands that have ascended to the Heaven asking permission to fight with al-Husayn (s) but when they have descended they find that al-Husayn (s) has been martyred. They have remained near his tomb weeping for him until the Day of Resurrection. They are waiting for the appearance of al-Qa’im (s).”[1]

[1] Kamil az-Ziyarat p.119, Kamal ad-Deen p.671, al-Odad al-Qawiyya p.74, Biharul Anwar, vol.52 p.325, Mo’jam Ahadeeth al-Imam al-Mahdi, vol.4 p.16.


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