The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

The title al-Muntaqim and Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.)

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In His Name And With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Among the titles of Imam-e-Zamana (a.s.) is Al-Muntaqim (the Revenger).

In the book, Ikmaluddin there is a tradition of Imam Sadiq (a.s.) and he has quoted his respected great grandfather, Amirul Momineen (a.s.) to have said:

The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said: “When I was taken to the heavens during the ascension (Me’raaj) my Lord revealed to me: O Muhammad, I glanced at the earth and selected you from it, and made you the prophet and named you after My name as I am Mahmood and you are Muhammad. Again I glanced at the earth and chose Ali from it and made him your successor and caliph and the husband of your daughter. I named him also after My name. Thus I am the Ali Aala and he is Ali. And I created Fatima, Hasan and Husain from your Noor (light/effulgence). At that time I presented their Wilayat (Mastership) to the angels so that whoever may accept it, will gain proximity to My court. O Muhammad, if a servant of Mine worships so much that he becomes tired and his body becomes as brittle as Musk but he is a denier in their Wilayat, and he comes to Me, I will not accommodate him in My Paradise and not shade him under My Arsh.

O Muhammad, would you like to see them? I said: ‘Yes, my Lord!’ The Almighty Allah said: ‘Raise your head.’ So I raised my head and saw the lights of Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husain, Ali bin al-Husain, Muhammad bin Ali, Ja’far bin Muhammad, Moosa bin Ja’far, Ali bin Moosa, Muhammad bin Ali, Ali bin Muhammad, Hasan bin Ali and Muhammad bin al-Hasan al-Qaim. And among them one shone like a brilliant star. I asked:

‘O Lord, who is that?’ He replied, ‘They are the Imams, and he is the Qaim, who will make My lawful, lawful and My unlawful, unlawful. And through him I shall take revenge from My enemies. And he is the source of comfort for My friends. He is the one who will bestow your Shias and followers, respite from the infidels. And he will bring out Lat and Uzza fresh and burn them up. Indeed the trial and test of the people by him will be much more difficult than the mischief of the Calf and Samari.’”

(Kamaluddin; Shaykh Saduq; Vol. 1/252)

In the same way it is narrated in Bihar quoting from Ilalush Sharai through his own chain of reporters, from Abdur Rahim Qaisari from His Eminence, Abu Ja’far Imam Baqir (a.s.) that he said:

“When the Qaim rises, Humaira will be brought to him (after being raised from the dead), so that he may punish her with lashes to avenge for Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (s.a.w.s.).” I asked

why would he punish her with lashes?

He replied, “Due to the false allegation she made against Ibrahim’s mother.” I asked: How is it that the Almighty Allah postponed this matter of (punishment by lashing) till the time of Hazrat Qaim? He said: The Almighty Allah, blessed be He, sent Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) as a mercy, but He has created Qaim (a.s.) for punishing and taking revenge.”

(75 Biharul Anwar; Allamah Muhammad Taqi Majlisi; Vol. 52/314, Ilal ash-Sharai; Shaykh Saduq; Vol. 2/267)

In the same book of Biharul Anwar it is quoted from Mazaar Kabeer from the author’s own chain of reporters from His Eminence, Abu Abdillah (a.s.) that he said: “When our Qaim arises, he will take revenge for Allah, His Messenger and all of us, the family of the Prophet.”

(Biharul Anwar; Allamah Muhammad Taqi Majlisi; Vol. 52/376 )

Again in the same book it is copied from the Irshad al-Qulub of Dailami that Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said:

“He will cut off the hand of Bani Shaiba and hang it on the Kaaba and he will write on it: They are the thieves of the Kaaba.”

(Biharul Anwar; Allamah Muhammad Taqi Majlisi; Vol. 52/338)

And in Ihtijaaj it is mentioned that the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said in his sermon of Ghadeer as follows:

“Know that: The seal of the Imams from us will be Mahdi (may Allah bless him). Know that, he is the one who will be victorious over all religions, he is the one to take revenge from the tyrants, he is the victor and the destroyer of castles, he is the one who will exterminate all the tribes of the polytheists, he is the one that will avenge the blood of all the saints of truth, he is the one who will drink from the deep sea, he is the one who will designate everyone on the basis of merit and superiority he is the selected one and the chosen one of Allah, he is the inheritor and encompasser over all sciences, he is the one who will give news of the Lord, the Mighty and the Sublime, and the realities of the faith are for him. He will inform, he is the one who will be the owner of guidance and prevention in theory and practice. The affairs of religion are delegated to him and left to his discretion, the prophets preceding him and the Imams prior to him have been given the glad tidings about him. He is the remaining proof and after him there is no Divine Proof. There is no truth except with him and there is no light except near him. None shall be victorious and helped over him. He is the Wali of God on the earth and the Divine ruler upon the creatures and the trustee of the Lord over the apparent and hidden.”

In another part of the same sermon it says:

“O congregation of people! The special effulgence of Allah, the Mighty and the Sublime, is present in my being. After that it shone in the being of Ali and after that in his progeny till Qaim-e-Mahdi who will take over the right of Almighty Allah and all the rights that are for us.”

Al-Ihtijaaj; Shaykh Tabarsi; Vol. 1/80 79 Surah Tariq 86:17

In Tafseer Qummi regarding the verse:

“So grant the unbelievers a respite: let them alone for a while.”

(Surah Tariq 86:17)

It is mentioned that: It is regarding the time of the uprising of the Qaim. Thus he will take revenge for us from the tyrants and oppressors from Quraish and Bani Umayyah and all the other people.”

(Tafseer al-Qummi page 721)


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