The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

When Jabir (r.a.) met Imam Baqir (a.s.)

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In His Name and With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a) on Earth

Musa bin Muhammad al-Qummi Abul Qassim told me (the narrator) in Shiraz in 313 AH., from Sa’d bin Abdullah al-Ash’ari from Bakr bin Salih from Abdurrahman bin Salim from Abu Baseer that Abu Abdullah Ja’far bin Muhammad as-Sadiq (s) had said: “My father said to Jabir bin Abdullah al-Ansari: “I need you for something. Whenever you are not busy, let me be alone with you to ask you about something.” Jabir said: “Whenever you like!” One day he was alone with him. He said to him: “O Jabir, tell me about the tablet you have seen in the hand of Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter (s).

What has my mother Fatima (s) told you about that has been written in that tablet?”

Jabir said: “I swear by Allah, Whom there is no god other than, that I had come to your mother Fatima (s) when the Prophet (s) was alive to congratulate her for the birth of al-Husayn (s) and I found a green tablet in her hand. I thought it was of emerald. It had a white writing like the light of the sun.

I said to her: “My father and mother may be sacrificed for you! What is this tablet?” She said: “This tablet has been gifted by Allah the Almighty to His messenger (s). It has the names of my father, my husband, my two sons and the names of the guardians of my grandsons. My father has given it to me to make me delighted with it.” Jabir said: “Your mother Fatima (s) gave it to me. I read it and copied it.”

My father (s) said to him: “O Jabir, would you show it to me?” Jabir replied: “Yes.” My father (s) went with Jabir to his house. My father took out a tablet of leather and said to Jabir: “Look at the book with you until I read to you from my tablet.” My father read to him and there was no even one letter different from Jabir’s book. Jabir said: “I swear by Allah that I have seen the following written in the tablet:

(In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. This is a book from Allah, the Mighty, the Wise to His messenger, His light, His screen, His deputy and His guide Muhammad. The Archangel Gabriel has revealed it from the Lord of the worlds. O Muhammad, glorify My attributes, be grateful to My blessings and do not deny them. I am Allah. There is no god but Me. I am the Destroyer of the arrogants, the Supporter of the oppressed, the Master of the Day of Judgement and I am Allah; there is no god but Me. Whoever expects for other than My favor or fears other than My justice, I will subject him to such a torment that I will never torture any one of people with; therefore worship Me and rely on Me.

I have never sent a messenger unless I have appointed his guardian when his days were about to end. I have preferred you to all of the prophets. I have preferred your guardian to all of the guardians. I have granted you with your two grandsons; al-Hasan and al-Husayn. I have made al-Hasan the vessel of My knowledge after the end of his father’s time and made al-Husayn the essence of My revelation and so I have honored him with martyrdom and concluded his life with happiness. He is the best of those, who are martyred for the sake of Me. He has the highest rank among the martyrs near Me. I have put My perfect Word with him and My irrefutable proof near him. By the means of his progeny I reward and punish.

The first of them is Ali, the master of the worshippers and the best of My previous saints. His son has the same name of his praiseworthy grandfather; Muhammad al-Baqir, who gets deep through My knowledge and wisdom. Those, who doubt Ja’far, will perish. One, who denies him, as if denies Me. It is a promise of Me that I will honor the abode of Ja’far. I will make him pleased with his followers and assistants. After him there will be a dark sedition. Definitely the thread of My guidance will never be cut and My proof will never disappear. My saints will drink with the full cup. They are My deputies on the earth. Whoever denies any one of them, denies My favors and whoever changes a verse of My Book fabricates lies against Me.

Woe unto the fabricators and deniers when the time of My slave, beloved and choice Musa has elapsed. He, who mistrusts him, as if he has mistrusted all My loyal saints. He is My guardian and supporter and it is he, whom I try with the burdens of prophethood. After him is My deputy Ali bin Musa ar-Redha. He will be killed by an arrogant devil. He will be buried in the city, which has been built by My benevolent slave (Alexander the Great) Thul Qarnayn. The best of My people is buried beside the worst of My people.[1] It is My promise that I will delight his eyes with his son Muhammad; the caliph after him and the heir of his knowledge. He is the vessel of My knowledge, the trustee of My secret and My proof and authority before My people.

I have made Paradise as his abode and have accepted his intercession for seventy thousand ones of his relatives, who all deserve to be in Hell. I will end the life of his son Ali with contentment. He is My guardian and supporter. He is My witness among My people and the trustee, to whom My revelation is entrusted. I will make his son al-Hasan a propagandist for My mission and a keeper of My knowledge.

Then I will complete that with his son; My mercy to My peoples. He has the perfection of Moses, the beauty of Isa and the patience of Ayyoob (Job). In his time my saints are despised and their heads fall like the heads of the Turks and the Daylams.[2] They are killed and burned. They are always afraid. The ground is dyed with their bloods. Grief and wail spread among their women. Those are my real saints and I have to rid them of every dark sedition and all loads and restrictions. (Those are they on whom are blessings and mercy from their Lord, and those are the followers of the right course).[3]

Abu Baseer said: “If you have not heard along your age except of this tradition, it will have sufficed you. You are to keep it secret except for those, who are qualified for it.”[4]

[1] Imam ar-Redha (s) was buried in Tooss, a city in Iran, and then Haroon ar-Rasheed, the Abbasid caliph was buried beside him.

[2] A dynasty in Iran.

[3] Qur’an, 2:157.

[4] Al-Kafi, vol.1 p.527, Kamal ad-Deen p.308, Oyoon Akhbar ar-Redha vol.1 p.41, al-Ikhtisas p.210, al-Ghayba by at-Toossi p.143, Manaqib by ibn Shahrashoop vol.1 p.296.


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