The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) is from Bani Hashim

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In His Name and With The Remembrance of His Last Proof (a.s.) on Earth

Imam Abul-Hussein Ahmad-ibn-Jafar Manawi and Imam Abu Abdulla Noaim-ibn-Hammad narrates from Qatada who said:

I asked Sa’eed-ibn-Musayyab: ‘Is Imam Mahdi the truth?’

He replied: ‘Yes’.

I asked: ‘To which tribe does he belong?’

He replied: ‘To the Quraish.’

I asked: ‘To which clan does he belong?’

He replied: ‘To the clan of Bani-Hashim.’

I asked: ‘From which of its families?’

He replied: ‘From the offspring of Abdul-Muttalib.’

I asked: ‘From which one of them?’

He replied: ‘From the offspring of Fatemah.’

I asked: ‘From which one of her offspring?’

He replied: ‘That is enough now.’(1)

The author says: Hashim was the same son of Abd-Munaf who was the son of Qusi, son of Kalab, son of Marra, son of Kelaab, son of Lavi, son of Ghalib, son of Fehr, son of Malik, son of Nazr, son of Kin’aan.

In Ja’ame-ul-Latif it has come that: Hashim’s name was Amrol-Ala and the reason he was called by this name was that during the period of famine, he used to provide food and water for his tribe.

His generosity and beneficence reached such heights that he used to feed the beasts and birds and slaughter camel for them on top of mountains. Whenever a famine would occur in Mecca, he would feed its people from his own wealth and persuaded the other rich men of Mecca as well to donate their wealth for the poor and indigent till it rained. Thereafter, he travelled to Syria, went to the Caesar (king) and took from him an order vouching trade freedom for Quraish. He also despatched Abdul-Muttalib to Yemen to take a letter of trust from its king. Thereafter he ordained the traders and merchants of Quraish to move out in the winter and summer seasons for the purpose of trading. Thus, they would move towards Syria in summer and proceed for Yemen in winter. Thereafter, their subsistence and means of livelihood got extended through such trading and by blessings of Hashim, Allah delivered them from fear of (loss of) life and hunger. Abde-Munaaf was the father of Hashim who was named as the ‘moon of the fourteenth night’ because of his handsome visage and beneficence.

After him, Qusi succeeded him and the post of ruling and giving water to the pilgrims was transferred to him. He was called by the name of Mughaira and his agnomen was Abu Abd-Shams the name of Qusi (father of Abd-Munaf) was Zaid and also Yazid. The reason he was called as “قصى” (Qusi) was that the along with his mother Fatemah daughter of Sa’ad, left the tribe of Bani-Uzra and started living with his uncles and distanced himself from Mecca. Therefore, he was named “قصى” and this word is derived from “قاضى which means “distant”. It also carried the meaning of “gathering” because, when he grew up and returned to Mecca, he gathered the Quraish who had been scattered in the deserts and got them back to Mecca and then expelled the tribe of Khuza’ee.

1.        Ja’ame-ul-Lalif is about the excellence of Mecca and the construction of the Holy Mosque. It’s author is Allama Shaikh Jamaluddin Mohammad Jaarullah-ibn-Mohammed-ibn-Nuruddin-ibn-Abu Bakr-ibn-Ali Zahiray Qureshi Makhzumi. This book was written in the year 950 Hijri and was printed in the year 1276 in the printing -house of Dar Ehya-il-Kitab-il-Arabiya.



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