The Belief in Awaited Saviour (a.t.f.s.)

Imam Mahdi’s (a.t.f.s.) similarity with Prophet Idrees (a.s.)

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mahdi_by_borjiProphet Idrees (a.s.) is the grandfather of Akhnukh, the father of Nuh (a.s.). The Almighty Allah exalted Idrees to a high degree; it is said that he was raised to the fourth or the sixth heaven.

In Majmaul Bayan it is narrated from Mujahid that he said: “Idrees was taken up to the sky like Isa (a.s.) was taken, while he was alive and not dead.” And others have said: “His soul was captured between the fourth and the fifth heaven.”

Majma al-Bayan, Vol. 6, Pg. 519

This point is narrated from Imam Baqir (a.s.):

The Almighty Allah also took up Qaim to high position in the sky. The Almighty Allah carried Idrees on the wings of an angel and enabled him to fly in space, as mentioned by Ali bin Ibrahim Qummi from his father from Muhammad bin Ai Umair from one who had said it for him, that His Eminence, Abu Abdillah Sadiq (a.s.) said:

“Allah, the Mighty and the High became angry at one of the angels and cut off his wings and threw him on an island. Then a long period of time, extent of which is known to Allah alone passed, and when the Almighty Allah appointed Idrees as a Prophet that angel came to him and said: O Prophet of Allah! Please pray that the Almighty Allah becomes pleased with me (forgives me) and restores my wings. Idrees replied: All right! So he prayed. The Almighty Allah restored the wings of that angel and forgave him.

At that time the angel said to Idrees: ‘Do you have a wish?’ ‘Yes,’ replied he, ‘I would like you to take me upto the heavens so that I can see the angel of death as I have no life without his remembrance. Thus the angel took him on his wings and soared to the sky till they reached the fourth heaven.
Suddenly Idrees saw the Angel of death shaking his head in surprise. Idrees said Salaam to the Angel of death and asked
him: ‘Why are you shaking your head?’ He replied: ‘When the Almighty Allah commanded me to capture your soul between the fourth and the fifth heaven I asked Him; O Lord, how would that be possible? While the thickness of the fourth heaven is a journey of 500 years. And from the fourth heaven till the third heaven there is a distance of 500 years’ travel and the thickness of the third heaven also is 500 years.

Every heaven and what is between it is there in the same way, how would this be possible?’ Then he captured his soul between the fourth and the fifth heaven. And it is about this that the Almighty Allah said: “And We raised him high in Heaven.”
And that is why he was named as Idrees as he had obtained lessons (Dars) from many books.”

Tafseer al-Qummi, Vol. 2, Pg. 51

And it is said that he is alive in the Paradise and this statement is narrated from Ibne Abbas. The angel, Ruhul Qudus also took Qaim (a.s.) on his wings to the sky. This is mentioned in the traditional report regarding the birth of His Eminence, Qaim, recorded from Hakima in the book of Kamaluddin: “Then Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) took his son while pigeons were flying over his head. His Eminence called out to one of the pigeons: ‘Take him and keep him safe and bring him back to me every forty days.’ That pigeon took him and flew up to the sky; the other pigeons also followed him. At that time I heard His Eminence, Abu Muhammad (Imam Askari) say: ‘I have entrusted you to the one whom the other of Moosa entrusted her son.’ Narjis wept. His Eminence told her: ‘Be quiet, as his nursing is not lawful except by you and he will be returned to you very soon as Moosa was returned to his mother. And it is about this that the Almighty Allah said: “So We gave him back to his mother that her eye might be refreshed, and that she might not grieve…”

Surah Qasas 28:13

Hakima said: I asked respectfully: ‘What bird was that?’ He replied: ‘It is Ruhul Qudus who is responsible for the Imams. He guards and protects them and trains them in knowledge…’”

Kamaluddin,  Vol. 2, Pg. 428

Idrees disappeared from among the people when they wanted to kill him — as mentioned in a tradition from Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.). Qaim (a.s.) also disappeared in the same way when the enemies wanted to kill him.

The occultation of Idrees was so prolonged that his followers had to undergo severe hardships and difficulties. In the same way it is mentioned in Biharul Anwar from the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) that he said: “This will continue so much so that people will be born in mischief and inequity and they will not know anything but mischief and inequity, so much so
that the earth will be full of corruption. No one will be able to say, Allah. Then Allah, the Exalted will send a man from Me and my family. He will fill the earth with justice as those who have been before him will have filled it with injustice.”

Biharul Anwar; Vol. 51, Pg. 68

And it is narrated from Amirul Momineen (a.s.) that he said: “Indeed the earth would be full injustice and oppression. So much so that no one would utter the name of Allah except secretly. Then the Almighty Allah would bring a ighteous

people so that they may fill it with justice and equity just as it would fraught with injustice and oppression.”

When the occultation of Idrees became prolonged, people joined in repentance and turned to Allah. The Almighty Allah, in turn, made him reappear and removed the distress and hardships of the people. Qaim is also like that; such that if people were to unite in repenting for their sins and have a firm determination to help and support the Imam, the Almighty Allah would make him reappear.
When Idrees reappeared the tyrant king and the people submitted to him. The Qaim would also be in the same way. That when he reappears the tyrannical rulers and kings and all the people of the world would surrender to His Eminence and bow down before him. If you desire to study the circumstances of Idrees in more detail you may refer to comprehensive works like the books of Kamaluddin, Biharul Anwar and Hayat al-Qulub.


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